Saturday, April 15, 2006

New Home

I am in the process of moving.

No, it's not my home that has been moved. It's my blog. For you, not that much should change. Just remove the "blogspot" from my domain, and there you go.

My new URL is:

I am also using the Wordpress software. From what I gather, this offers many more possibilities and comfort than

Migrating is never an easy process. And had it not been for the able help of Abe Olandres (I call him my guru), I would/could probaly not have done this.

So please visit, bookmark, subscribe and/or link to

I will end my last post on this site with a word of thanks to for six months of free and uninterrupred service.


Blogger digitalfilipino said...

Congratulations to your new blog home!

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Let's Make Tusok-Tusok da Fishblog.
The Inquirer had a report written by Erwin Oliva, incidentally a Baguio boy, about blogging in the Philippines as the domain of the elitista. Hmm
It quoted the blog of Dr. Ronald Meinardus, the resident representative of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. I opened Meinardus' only to learn that it has moved on to its own website.
E sinong elitista ngayon. Most of the exclusive websites on the Philippines are made by Fil-Ams and maybe elitistas because of the prohibitive cost of maintaining one.
kaya nga nagbloblogspot na lang kami or (a chorus of 3.5 million Pinoys) nagfriefriendster na lang.
Good point on the anti-PGMA blogs, though but that doesn't need much analysis. They blog because they can't say what they want in any other way (even in their own newspapers).
The PGMA is now dominated by advertising agencies, all pathetic Dustin Hoffman wannabe's in Wag the Dog. Kaya nga nagresign si Yongyong Afable (let me hear you say, incidentally a Baguio boy).
Hey, I am now reading "Under Three Flags" by Benedict Anderson and why Rizal and Isabelo delos Reyes and other patriots were actually anarchists in contact with the whole global anti-imperialist mini-revolts then.
That is even 100 years before the entry of Internet.
It's better to say that the bloggers are actually treading the same line. We are, in Paolo Manalo's term, anarchists in the jolographic scene.

11:49 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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