Friday, March 10, 2006

Super Motivated Blogging Novices

As a facilitator of seminars and other educative programs, I always find it a special challenge to keep the interest and the motivation of the participants alive. This may become particularly difficult in seminars that stretch over more than one day.

It is a very different situation all together at the “Express Yourself!” workshop on blogging and podcasting being held at my Foundation’s premises in Makati City. The workshop started Thursday morning, and will come to an end in a few hours. I haven’t seen such a motivated and, yes, disciplined group of workshop participants for a very long time.

The result is tangible for all (without exception): following our hands-on-training with the highly professional instructors Abe Olandres (on blogging) and Angelo Racoma (on podcasting) all sixteen participants have now created their own blog (and added some fine content). We are also in the final stages of producing and publishing five new, original and liberal Philippine podcasts.

I’ll let you know where to find them soon.


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Blogger J. Angelo Racoma said...

Thanks for the link, Dr. Meinardus! And thanks for having me as a resource person.

Most of all, thanks for helping out in our advocacy for grassroots publishing. Blogging and podcasting are close to my heart, as they give anyone--even those without money or power to run mainstream media outfits--can now have a voice. Of course, people (such as myself) are now also starting to earn from their blogging activities!



10:56 AM  
Blogger peterlavina said...

Dr. Ronald, I finally added the links to my blog page. Of course your blog was the first I added. I can now proceed to follow your instructions to add the blogs of my seatmates on the left and right, albeit belatedly.
Daghang salamat!
Best wishes,
Councilor Peter

1:27 PM  
Anonymous jayvee f. said...

i had fun observing your sessions. i told darren about you mentioning and he expresses his thanks. i hope to work with you again in the future.

8:42 PM  
Blogger peterlavina said...

Dr. Ronald,

Im happy to share with you my excitement when my first post appeared in Abe's PinoyBlog.

Daghang salamat,

Councilor Peter

8:28 AM  
Blogger magnolia said...

Dear Dr. Meinardus,

I am, with no doubt, very pleased that I went to the seminar. I went home very happy knowing that I have fulfilled the FNF's objectives and the goals that I set for myself. I hope to use the lessons I have learned and I hope to learn some more. Thanks for doing what you are doing! Be liberal!

9:30 AM  

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