Thursday, March 23, 2006

Never a Pro-Blogger?

There’s more to blogging than setting up your own personal website. With all that easy-to-use software available today, that’s really nothing.

Successful blogging involves a behavioral change regarding one’s media usage patterns. It’s certainly not enough to write a post every now and then. Successful bloggers are interactive types: they follow their fellow-bloggers’ writings, and sooner or later become part of an online community. In this regard, I am - at best - a mediocre blogger. The frequency of my postings is rather dismal. And reading other weblogs has yet to become my favorite pastime.

On the other hand, I love political (and other) commentary. Often, also on this site, I refer to opinionated writings. But mostly, the commentaries I deal with are mainstream media texts which I read before or after work in the local newspapers.

I spend many hours every day working at the computer. After I leave the office, I enjoy reading a good book or even more so a (traditional) newspaper. I am certainly not ready to throw aside the printed paper and satisfy my reading desires online.

This predisposition, I guess, will prevent me from ever becoming a so called pro-blogger.

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