Monday, March 13, 2006

16 New Filipino Blogs

After being in the hands of 16 avid bloggig and podcasting novices for two long days, the premises of my Foundation in Makati City returned to normal. The rented PCs are gone, so are the wonderful young people who worked with them.

The feedback we got at the end of the Express Yourself! workshop was remarkable. While all the participants gave us very good or good marks, there was also the feeling of an information overkill. “I just wished we had more time to digest everything,” wrote one participant.

I agree with this critique. Learning about - and then actually producing - podcasts needs more time than one day. We will consider that next time!

Of the many comments, the following is among my favorite:

“Thanks, RM, you helped create a devious blogger.”

Addendum: We plan to publish a list with the links to all the 16 new Filipino blogs (remember: link like crazy!) at our Foundation’s website. In the meantime, you may go to “Arch’s” site and tune into the “Liberal Gong Podcast”.

You will hear they had fun producing the show.


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Blogger emz said...

Dr. Meinardus,

I had a great time learning blogging and podcasting, especially podcasting. We relaly ahd fun in producing "Liberal Gong" of course with a 'goooonnngg'. thank you very much for sponsoring such wonderful activity. I'm looking forward in re-echoing what I have learned in Vigan.

And hoping to learn more!

Agyamanak nak! (thank you in Ilocano)


10:38 AM  
Blogger chris said...


i would like to say my thanks to FNF for giving us a workshop and learning the art of podcasting and blogging.
Also thank you sir for posting our blog spot/addess in the FNF site!
As a result of the workshop, i created a new blog. one that i will seriously maintain and would focus on architecture and the fun of it. If everything would be ok i will share the link to the rest of the group soon.

to you sir ad to the Stiftung, Danke!


6:08 PM  

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