Saturday, February 11, 2006

Greek Restaurants in Asia

You may have wondered why I cared to mention that I would have dinner at a Greek restaurant yesterday. Those who know me are aware of my special interest (some would say affection) for all things Greek. In the many years I spent in Hellas (the official name of that country), I not only learned to speak the language but also to like the local food.

This said, I was happy to come across a Greek eatery here in Chiangmai. Actutally, there are not that many Greek restaurants in this part of the world. In the Philippines, friends of Hellenic cuisine frequent To Mati restaurant in Rockwell, Makati City, which I would like to call the best Greek restaurant in Asia. I was told that a new Greek place has opened in Tagaytay (about an hour's drive from Manila), but this I have yet to test.

I have come across Greek eateries in Taipei (Mykonos) and Tokyo (the basment place was then called Aphroditi, if my memory is correct). Both were nothing to brag about. I am sure this listing is all but complete. Please let me know about other Greek resturants in Asia I have missed.

Meanwhile, should you be in Chiangmai try Kosta's and Maria's souvlakia at Zorbas Restaurant. I find them tastier than the ones in Athens or Thessaloniki.


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Anonymous Awesome Planet said...

Hi there!

You should visit this Manos Hellenic Greek Taverna in Tagaytay! For more details, you can check out my blog:

10:51 PM  
Anonymous camille santos said...

You should visit cyma greek taverna. They have a store in Greenbelt, Shang-rila, Trinoma, Cebu and Boracay. All in the Philippines. They have awesome Spinach and Artichoke Fondue, Kotopoulo Lemonato,Feta Fornou,Baby Clams Angel Hair, Roasted Cedar Planked Salmon,Bifteka,Paidakia ,Skolatina,Souvlaki,Tonnos Salata ,Chicken Gyro with Greek Roasted Potatoes,Roka Pasta and so much more. you could also visit their website, but i'm not that sure if i remember it right. Huge servings. :) i just simply love it.

2:48 PM  

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