Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Win-Win for Gloria

One may not like the President of the Philippine Republic, and pollsters tell us nearly two thirds of the people have little if any sympathy for their supreme leader. But nobody would question her capability of political agenda setting. From being near the very bottom just half a year ago, GMA has managed an extraordinary political comeback. Today, once more, she seems to be under full control.

The central element in the political survival plan of the President is charter change. The President has given her political blessing to the constitutional reform, and others are doing the nitty-gritty job of securing majorities. While her political foes and allies are fighting over the details of the new basic law, GMA may lay back and enjoy the spectacle knowing that whatever the outcome she will be safe. It is a classical win-win situation for Gloria.

This point was brought back to me in the commentary of Federico Pascual in today’s The Star newspaper:

“If the people will not approve of the Con Com proposal, GMA stays. If the people approves (with the full campaign support of politicians who want a free ride extension), GMA stays longer. Either way, GMA’s term is not cut short.”
And the commentary concludes: Tuloy ang ligaya, or: The fun goes on.

Unfortunately, it’s not that funny after all.

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