Friday, December 09, 2005


Yesterday, I lamented that the politicization of the wiretapping scandal in the Philippines is a virtual guarantee that no final verdict and, therefore, no closure could be expected anytime soon.

I had discussed this point with some Filipino friends the other night (all of them anti-GMA) and they said the fact that the prosecution has refrained from initiating criminal investigations demonstrates that the government is avoiding a legal solution.

According to Jarius Bondoc in The Philippine Star (9. 12. 2005) not only the administration but also the opposition is responsible for the politicization of what – in my eyes – is first and foremost a legal matter. This is what the commentator writes:

“That there was lying, cheating and stealing in the polls, as opponents accuse Ms Arroyo, is highly probable. But that the accusers brought their case first to the streets and only on second thought to the impeachment hall, yet never to the criminal court, betrayed their motive. They were themselves liars, cheaters and stealers out to grab power and not to serve justice. People know it and thus did not join street demonstrations.”

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