Saturday, December 10, 2005

More Bloggers than Blog Readers

While Germany (the place of my origin) may be far away, geographical distance in the globalized world has become relative. This said, I wish to share an interesting piece of information from the heart of Europe.

According to a recent survey published in DER SPIEGEL (Germany’s equivalent to Newsbreak in the Philippines) there seem to be more Germans writing blogs than those reading them. Of 100.000 surveyed Internet users a mere four percent said they read blog posts regularly. At the same time, and this I find revealing, 12 percent of the surveyed Internet users are bloggers themselves.

The survey also shows that the online publications of traditional newspapers and magazines attract far more visitors than the personal weblogs.

For bloggers the message is obvious: to produce better and more attractive content and find ways to attract more (returning) readers.

Myliberaltimes is in the very early stages. But I get the sense that this may take time and perseverance.

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