Friday, November 04, 2005

Why liberal?

I can think of hardly a term as controversial as "liberal." For ideological foes, and they are not a few, liberalism-bashing is en vogue; they misuse the term as a four letter word. Disturbingly, the epicenter of the ideological onslaught is found in the United States, whose history (with some major exceptions) may be termed a liberal success story.

When North Americans and Europeans meet they usually have varying ideas about liberalism. What for most people is merely a matter of definitions and linguistics, for me has always been a major professional challenge. I earn my life working for an institute whose main objective is the promotion of liberalism both at home (Germany) and abroad.

I have developed a definition of the basics of liberalism some years ago. Liberals, as a matter of principle, abhor thinking in terms of black and white, they tend to ask many critical questions before they come up with solutions. Necessarily, this mind set and ideological openness has also led to what may be termed liberal confusion.

But, then, this site is not aimed at spreading confusion. I intend to post comments and thoughts on political matters from a liberal vantage point. As a resident of the Philippines, expect most of the entries to deal with Philippine politics - a profoundly confusing topic, and often also depressing. But politics Filipino style is also fascinating. I can think of hardly any other society that is as transparent regarding domestic politics as is the Philippines.

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