Sunday, November 27, 2005

My Focus

Thus far, this project didn’t turn out as I had anticipated. When I started this blog some weeks ago, I had planned to keep it running with regular updates - maybe with two additions a week, to give you an idea. But then, other priorities in the office and an illness struck this ambition down. Things at work have cooled down (I am actually taking a week off just now) and, also, I feel healthy again. Therefore, I haven’t given up on my earlier plan.

Time constraints and conflicting priorities are probably the main stumbling blocks for many pastime bloggers like myself. A second major problem for those starting to write a personal online journal, I would argue, is to know what you will be writing about. While there are 1001 subjects one could dwell on, finding the topic that is both relevant and interesting (from a personal perspective) remains a challenge.

For me, this has not been a problem. As my entire professional life has had to do with politics, writing and dealing with politics has long become a passion.

The focus of this journal is politics – liberal politics, as I have explained earlier. While I am often tempted to use information I have access to through the political work I engage in in the Philippines (I feel privileged to be privy to many bits and pieces of information that hardly ever see the day of light), this would not only be improper but also in breach of my employer’s policies.

This said, don’t expect to read in these pages informal news and “secrets” from what is often termed the wider liberal family. I intend, instead, to focus on a more general note on issues relevant to liberal politics in the Philippines and beyond, and discuss and analyze them from a liberal point of view. This shall be my focus.


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