Saturday, November 05, 2005

The freest and most liberal communications tool

For some while, I had played with the idea to create my own blog. A journalist by profession, I enjoy writing (although doing this in English, which is not my native language, remains a challenge). I also like sharing information and thoughts with others.

Numerous ways exist to do just that: Ever since I left my editor's job at Radio Deutsche Welle in Cologne some ten years ago, I considered the media an important avenue for my liberal advocacy. This is not the point to discuss the merits and shortcomings of the various conventional media (radio, television and print) as tools of political communications. Instead, I wish to highlight that the digital media - and foremost the ever expanding blogs - have opened totally new avenues of communications, thereby effectively democratizing and liberalizing how millions of individuals communicate today.

No other communications tool gives us the possibilty to express ourselves more freely than the blog. While empowering the individual and enhancing creativity, blogs also offer space and techniques for digital socializing and community building.

So far at least, the blogosphere seems free of politcal intervention and censorship. It is void of gatekeepers. Blogs are - in short - the freest and, therefore, most liberal of all communications tools. To top all this: for the author, no medium is cheaper than a weblog.

With these advantages, expect the blogger movement's advance to continue: last time I checked, technorati listed more than twenty million published weblogs. This is about three times more than at the beginning of 2005.

So join the bandwaggon! It's fun, educative - and, if you have something to say, your message might even find an audience...


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